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Area and Attractions

The surrounding area provides ideal conditions for active recreation – numerous biking and hiking trails, a sailing marina, water sports, horseback riding. Extensive forest areas and the absence of industry guarantee healthy holidays.

Nearby towns provide numerous attractions for families with children, including an aquapark, playgrounds, a rope park, as well as a family entertainment center.

It’s worth visiting the local historical attractions, such as Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, military facilities – bunkers in Bobolin, and the Lighthouse in Darłówek.

Dąbki health resort

The resort was established in the Darłowo Municipality in 2007 and it’s one of the youngest Polish spas. It’s made up of the following villages: Żukowo Morskie, Bobolin, Dąbki, Bukowo Morskie and Porzecze.

Dąbki is home to a number of sanatoriums and resorts offering treatments that help in healing, among others, respiratory and nervous system diseases.

A 6-kilometer-long forest promenade stretches along the resort’s seaside beach. The southern area of the resort is occupied by lake Bukowo with an area of 18 square kilometers.

Lake Bukowo

In Dąbki, there is a picturesque lake, which together with the nearby spit and two forest complexes form a special habitat protection area within the Natura 2000 program.

It’s an ideal place for angling, water sports such as sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

On the lake there is a beach, a pier, a cafe and a playground for the kids.

Water Sports Center in Dąbki

This modern sports and recreational facility functions as a yacht and fishing port, a training and sports base, while also being a center of cultural life for the entire municipality of Darłowo.

Over there you can rent water equipment or take a cruise on the lake.

During the summer season, concerts and other outdoor events are held here.

Wide beaches

The coast in and around Dąbki has a wide, sandy beach. Along the dunes, a beautiful forest promenade stretches from the buildings.

The beaches are safe – protected by lifeguards in the summer season.

Bike paths and routes

Along the resort towns and along the provincial road 203 there are bicycle paths, thanks to which you can safely reach Darłowo or even Koszalin by bicycle.

Dąbki Dąbkowice (length 5.5 km)

Dąbki – Dąbkowice.

The route is very scenic and convenient – it leads along the lake’s shoreline, on a paved path, through the coastal forest.

Your route can be extended – in Dąbkowice just head for Łazy, but this section is more challenging, because you have to ride along the beach all the time. From Łazy you can already get to Mielno with no problems, cycling on the paved bicycle paths.

Large Seaside Loop (37km)

Darłówko Wschodnie – Wicie – Jarosławiec – Rusinowo – Barzowice – Drozdowo – Darłowo.

The route starts on the dike, just behind the dune, then it runs in the coastal forest and continues through the spit between the sea and Kopań Lake. From the road you can see the sea perfectly, windmills and the lake. The trail on the section from Darłówko to Jarosławiec is closed to car traffic.

Large Windmill Loop (39km)

Darłowo – Cisowo – Drozdowo – Sulimice – Kowalewice – Stary Jarosław – Krupy – Darłowo.

The route starts in Darłowo from the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, it runs through Cisowo, along the southern shore of Kopań Lake. While on the route, you can enjoy the coastal panorama and visit numerous historical monuments, such as the Gothic-style church in Cisowo (dated 1321 year).


is among a dozen Polish towns situated along the route of the Seaside Bike Route, which is part of the EuroVelo10 project.

The R-10 Coastal Bicycle Route along the Baltic Sea is part of the international project of the circular bicycle route around the Baltic Sea basin. The total length of the route is more than 7,900 kilometers and it connects the most important coastal towns of the Baltic, including Gdańsk, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Malmo and Copenhagen.

The Polish section of the trail covers three provinces: Warmian-Masurian, Pomeranian,  and West Pomeranian.